RSJ Organic invests primarily in organic farming in the Czech Republic, particularly companies that are run on land owned by the RSJ Land sub-fund or on their own land. This strategy guarantees stable yields regardless of current land prices.

Investment Philosophy

RSJ aims to manage its investments in an environmentally friendly way, which is still unusual in Czech agriculture. This means that we have a large market space for the sale of our produce. We focus on the production of healthy, clean food, using environmentally friendly methods of organic farming. We prefer the role of lead investor in all of our projects.

We are a co-investor in the MyFoodCentre platform, which focuses on investing in premium food producers in the Czech Republic.

Investment Criteria

  • Management with experience in agriculture.

  • Emphasis on organic farming with high market potential.

  • Synergy with other projects within RSJ Investments.

  • Focus on the Czech Republic.

  • Sustainable development.

  • Soil and landscape protection.

RSJ Organic is a sub-fund of the investment fund RSJ Investments SICAV a.s.


Biofarma Skřeněř

Biofarma Skřeněř
Location Skřeněř, Czech Republic
Investment Date Q1 2015
Status Active

This farm is focused on the field cultivation of organic quality root-vegetables. We focus on traditional crops that are natural to the countryside, such as carrots, cabbages, potatoes and pumpkins. We have planted a number of new apple and pear trees. We have built a modern, chilled warehouse for the long-term storage of root vegetables. The farm also has its own pond that we use for irrigation.

Logo Biofarma Skřeněř

Biofarma Olešná

Biofarma Olešná
Location Olešná, Czech Republic
Investment Date Q4 2014
Status Active

In Olešná we focus on the cultivation of thermophilous vegetables, especially those grown in glass and foil greenhouses. We specialise in various types of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, courgettes, kohlrabi, salads and herbs. The farm is located in the clean environment of a former forest nursery and has its own pond that we use for irrigation.

Logo Biofarma Olešná

MyFoodCentre platform

Location Czech republic
Investment Date Q4 2017
Status Active
In 2017, we co-founded the MyFoodCentre platform as a capital investment outlet for small and medium-sized businesses focusing on the production, processing, cultivation or sale of bio, farm and premium products. The purpose of this "platform" is to form a competitive counterweight to the industrial mass production of the very dominant conglomerates.