Company Profile

We are building a strong investment group that connects people with very close business and social visions. We offer diversification of funds within a broad portfolio of investments in the Czech Republic and abroad.

RSJ Investments manages through several sub-funds and open-ended unit funds a broad portfolio of investments into real estate, agriculture, industry, and services. A large percentage of the assets it manages are investments into real estate projects focused on the acquisition of income property, the construction of residential and income real estate and industrial properties. It also focuses on key sectors of the 21st century – information technology, biotechnology, the production of healthy foods and investments aimed at extending and improving human life.

In seeking new projects, the fund gives preference to companies that bring more than simply financial gain to their surroundings.

RSJ Investments investiční společnost a.s. is an investment manager that manages in particular RSJ Investments SICAV a.s., an investment fund of qualified investors with several sub-funds, and RSJ open-ended unit fund.

Board of Directors

Libor Winkler

Libor Winkler

CEO, Asset Manager
Company Strategy Management
Lukáš Musil

Lukáš Musil

Asset Manager Real Estate
Jan Vyhnálek

Jan Vyhnálek

Asset Manager Private Equity
Jan Dostálek

Jan Dostálek

Risk manager

Our Team

Marek Capák

Chief Financial Officer

Petra Musilová

Business Development Director

Martin Hudeček

Asset Manager RSJ Tech
and RSJ Insurtech

Matěj Kumstýř

Asset Manager RSJ Land,
RSJ Spectrum and RSJ Industry

Lucie Bartůňková

Asset Manager Real Estate

Michal Filip

Asset Manager

Jakub Kučera

Asset Manager

Jiří Kříž

Asset Manager RSJ Agro

Jakub Mikulášek

Asset Manager Real Estate

Petr Roupec

Asset Manager Real Estate

Martin Šťastný

Asset Manager Real Estate

Vuk Vignjević

Asset Manager RSJ Tech and Life Sciences


  • 2022
    • We bought the Pradiareň 1900 monument in Bratislava, which we renovated, for the new fund
    • We acquired land within the property of the former Poldi Kladno steelworks with the intention of revitalising the brownfield and developing a modern 
      industrial area
    • With BioXcel, which entered the NASDAQ stock market in 2018, we successfully launched its first drug, IGALMI, on the market
    • We commenced the construction of block of apartments in Hostivař, Prague, together with developer YIT
    • We gained a new partner in the field of technology by adding Project A to our existing partners Notion Capital and Moonfire Ventures and we co-invested in Paddle and Manta
    • We added global funds Glendower, King Street, and BlackRock to the private equity portfolio, as well as several funds specialising in investments in local SMEs
    • We increased the area of agricultural land to more than 4,000 hectares
  • 2021
    • Romanian company UiPath from the portfolio of Credo Ventures, in which we invested, entered the New York Stock Exchange at a valuation of 35.8 billion dollars
    • We became the majority shareholder of the progressive Pillow insurance company
    • ESS, a portfolio company engaged in the development and production of battery systems for energy storage, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  • 2020
    • We began the construction of residential buildings in Prague 6 - Rezidence U Šárky with developer FINEP, and we entered into projects in Prague Michle and Troja in cooperation with JRD
  • 2019
    • We entered into organic farming and acquired the largest Moravian organic farm, František Král, organic
    • We invested in the British venture capital fund Blossom Capital
  • 2018
    • We opened Zuri Zanzibar, a five star hotel resort in Africa
    • We bought a 50% stake in development projects Nuppu, Zwirn and Pradiareň 1900 from YIT Slovakia.
    • With Panattoni Europe, we commenced the construction of an A-class industrial property near Chomutov.
  • 2017
    • We completed our transformation into the RSJ financial group, opening the RSJ Investments fund in the Friends & Family model for investors outside this group
    • We invested in the private equity funds CEIP, ESPIRA Investments, and ARX Equity Partners.
  • 2016
    • Together with the founders of AVAST, we bought the Enterprise office building in Pankrác, Prague
  • 2015
    • We began investing in agricultural lands and companies in fertile regions of the Czech Republic
    • We expanded our technological portfolio by investing in the Evolution Equity Partners fund and the second fund of Credo Ventures
  • 2014-2011
    • We opened Centrum Pivovar Děčín, a shopping and entertainement centre
    • We invested with Credo Ventures, a fund focused on technological startups in Central and Eastern Europe
  • 2010
    • We established the first investment fund enabling us to invest free 2010 finances of RSJ Securities from algorithmic securities trading


Controlling shareholder

Libor Winkler

Other shareholders

Petr Altman

Václav Dejčmar

Martin Ducháček

Tomáš Janeček

Bronislav Kandrík

Jakub Petrásek

Michal Šaňák

Anton Tyutin

Supervisory Board

Michal Šaňák

Jan Dezort

Karolína Loucká