RSJ Core invests in a wide spectrum of areas, including real estate, energy, biotechnology and mineral raw materials. The sub-fund participates in the management of the companies in which it invests.

Investment Philosophy

RSJ Core invests in projects with considerable risk yet highly innovative potential in their respective fields. We focus on long-term investments with a high degree of added value.

Investment Criteria

  • Unique technology.

  • Sophisticated innovation of existing approaches.

  • Business-plan based on verifiable principles.

  • Synergy with other projects of sub-funds and within RSJ Investments.

  • Focus on the Czech Republic.

RSJ Core is a sub-fund of the investment fund RSJ Investments SICAV a.s.


Mostek Energo 1

Mostek Energo
Location Mostek, Czech Republic
Investment Date Q3 2011
Status Completed Q4 2021

An electric plant producing energy and heat from agricultural biomass. The project includes production of pellet fuel for the plants own use or possible for sale. The electric plant output is 4,9 MW.


Algamo 2

Location Mostek, Czech Republic
Investment Date Q3 2011
Status Completed Q2 2022

Growing algae for the purpose of extracting astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid coloring agent. Astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant with a wide range of use in pharmaceutical and food industries.


Byty Vítkov 3

Byty Vítkov
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Investment Date Q2 2011
Status Active

An intimate developer project of luxury flats in the immediate vicinity of Vítkov, one of Prague's largest parks.


Park Rezidence 4

Park Rezidence
Location Brno, Czech Republic
Investment Date Q3 2012
Status Active

A construction of four apartment buildings including garages in a popular location of Královo Pole at Mojmírovo Square, mere two minutes from Palackého Boulevard.

Logo Park Rezidence

Rezidence Puerto Aventuras 5

Rezidence Puerto Aventuras
Location Puerto Aventuras, Mexiko
Investment Date Q3 2011
Status Active

Residential development project on the Caribbean coast in Mexico.

Logo Rezidence Puerto Aventuras