Company Profile

RSJ Securities is a fully licensed company trading securities under the oversight of the Czech National Bank.

The company provides investment services and ensures asset management – it administers the assets of other entities within the RSJ group. It does not provide services to U. S. clients.

The company is active in asset management at the derivative exchanges in London, Chicago, New York, Frankfurt am Main and Tokyo. Here it particularly trades interest rate futures contracts, government bonds, share indexes, currency exchange rates and energy commodities. In some markets RSJ Securities is among the largest traders.

The company specializes in algorithmic trading, where computer modeling is used for trading, requiring the work of a team of top mathematicians, statisticians and programmers, who create the models, as well as program, develop and control them. Top-level modern technology is used in order to ensure the contact with the exchanges is as effective as possible, including placing the company’s computers directly within the exchanges (co-location).

When trading at these exchanges, RSJ Securities focuses primarily on the strategy of market-making, where the trader both buys and sells financial assets. This enables easier and cheaper tradability of assets, increases market liquidity and narrowing spreads, meaning the differences between purchase and sale price.

The ICE Futures Europe exchange in London appointed RSJ Securities as its official market-maker with the obligation to fulfill this role during nearly the entire business day. RSJ serves this important function for some markets at the CME in Chicago. Further, RSJ Securities is a member and important trader of derivatives at the Eurex exchange, with its seat in Frankfurt am Main.


Czech Capital Market Association

The Czech Capital Market Association unites the most significant local investment companies and foreign fund administrators offering their products in the Czech Republic, as well as other entities providing services in the area of collective investment. AKAT helps improve capital market transparency, investor protection and supports the interest of its members. Members of the association are bound by its By-Laws and Code of Ethics. The association also strives to develop capital markets and collective investment within the Czech Republic. It seeks to enhance awareness, knowledge and trustworthiness in the area of collective investment through its activities and self-control regulations.

European Principle Traders Association (EPTA) 

The European Principle Traders Association was founded in June, 2011 as a part of the American professional association FIA (Futures Industry Association). EPTA associates over twenty European companies, striving for transparent, stable and secure markets with the spirit of healthy competitiveness and equal opportunities. The association actively contributes to preparing new European legislation regarding financial markets. At the same time, it issues sets of rules for its members, aiming at decreasing the destabilization of financial markets. EPTA also focuses on deepening its dialog with media, the academic sphere, legislators and regulatory offices. RSJ Securities has been an EPTA member since 2011 and Jan Dezort serves as its representative on the Executive Committee. 

ICE Futures Europe (formerly LIFFE)

ICE Futures Europe, formerly known as LIFFE (London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange), is one of the most significant European exchanges with futures contracts. It was established in 1982 and is based in London. It was formerly a part of the Euronext group, acquired in 2007 by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Later, the NYSE itself was acquired by ICE, thus renaming this exchange to ICE Futures Europe. RSJ Securities has been a member of this exchange since 2005 and is active there as one of its official market-makers.


Eurex is a derivatives exchange under the umbrella of Deutsche Börse, with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The exchange was founded in 1998 by a merger of Deutsche Terminbörse (DTB) with Swiss Options and Financial Futures (Soffex). Eurex is a clear number one among European derivatives exchanges. RSJ Securities became its member in 2009 as the very first Czech company.

Board of Directors

Bronislav Kandrík

Company Strategy Management
Chief Trader

Michal Šaňák

Head of Technology

Anton Tyutin

Quantitative Analysis and
Mathematical Modeling
Risk Management

Our Team

Petr Altman

Chief Trading System

Jakub Petrásek

Head of Analytical Department

Martin Sikora

Deputy Head of Analytical

Kamil Nekula

Deputy Chief Trader

Supervisory Board

Libor Winkler

Jan Dezort

Jakub Petrásek