Angel Tech II

RSJ Angel Tech focuses on specialized VC funds that invest in startups at their earliest stage (pre-seed). The strategy operates as a fund of funds with the aim of creating a portfolio that is sufficiently diversified in terms of both, the focus of the funds and their investment strategy.

Investment Philosophy

The investment thesis of RSJ Angel Tech II is to push the technological boundaries. Part of the fund is allocated to selected VC funds from our previous fund Angel Tech I and the remaining part is dedicated to seeking new thematically specialized VC funds. Emphasis is placed on the founders' exceptional investment and personal experience. As with the previous RSJ Angel Tech fund, the primary focus is on VC funds with smaller size in sectors such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and biotech.

Investment Criteria

  • Proven domain expertise.

  • European funds with of a size less than 40 mil. Eur.

  • Clear added value of the fund for startups.

RSJ Angel Tech II is an open-ended unit fund managed by a management company RSJ Investments investiční společnost a.s.


Lunar Ventures

Location Berlin, Germany
Status Active

Lunar Ventures is an investment fund specializing in European early stage companies in the DeepTech space. The fund is known for its high level of technical due diligence as it is led by a group of scientists and former CTOs who specialize in computer science. In addition, Lunar Ventures supports the European DeepTech community by sharing their ideas on a blog and publishing the results of their research.

Lunar Ventures