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RSJ Foundation helps thinking outside the box

The RSJ Foundation encourages thinking outside the box. We mainly support organizations in education, science and research, especially ones that bring a new approach to their field.

Our key interest lies in the field of healthy bio-psycho-social development in children and their education. We help to raise awareness on mental health care in children and youth. We support training for professionals and the general public, development of educational materials and activities that tie together different issues and make it easier for valuable information to access new contexts. We look for comprehensive solutions that can be put into practice.

We also focus on developing academic excellence in fields close to RSJ, especially mathematics, informatics and economics. In 2018, we sealed our long-term collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, by signing a joint Statement of Cooperation.

Since 2014, the RSJ Foundation has supported projects worth more than CZK 100 million.


The Foundation’s priority lies in education, healthy bio-psycho-social development in children, science and academic excellence. We help educational institutions and other organizations focused on mathematics, informatics and logic, and economics, as a way of expanding RSJ’s long-term collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. We also work to create a motivating environment from as early as grammar school. We believe that talented and motivated students can fully develop their abilities only in a stimulating environment appropriate to their educational needs and current trends while relying on healthy development.

The Foundation also dedicates its efforts to a social responsibility program – RSJ employees make a regular financial donation to several non-profit organizations of their choice. For each CZK 1 donated, RSJ gives another CZK 3.

We believe that a Healthy Lifestyle is an indispensable feature of modern life. From 2015 to 2017, we funded a series of complementary projects that tackled a number of social problems, such as improving dietary and exercise behaviors in children and youth or changing the irresponsible approach to food in consumers. Together we kickstarted great projects that have become successful and self-sufficient.


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