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About RSJ





RSJ is one of the world’s largest algorithmic traders currently trading in London (NYSE Liffe), Chicago (CME), and Frankfurt (Eurex). RSJ is the largest algo trader at NYSE Liffe, and one of the largest algo traders at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Eurex.


All volume is conducted fully automatically by a state of the art technology. The monthly traded volumes exceeds 20 million lots. In 2011 we traded 238 million contracts. The trading algorithms used by RSJ are based on sophisticated mathematical models. The models are an outcome of applying the results of deep theoretical mathematics on financial markets.


RSJ is a Prague based company employing top mathematicians, statisticians, developers and traders.


We are convinced that the success of our civilization depends on the quality of education and the ability to bolster logical thinking. Therefore we provide grants for higher education, science and research.