Company Profile

RSJ Investments is an investment fund of qualified investors with several sub-funds.

It was founded in 2010, bearing the name 5P. From 2011 through 2016 it operated under the name RSJ Private Equity, while at the end of 2014 the fund was transformed into an investment fund with variable base capital (a format known as SICAV).

RSJ Investments manages a wide investment portfolio through several sub-funds. It focuses on key fields relevant to the 21st century. Among its investments are projects from such areas as information technology and biotechnology, production of healthy food as well as energy from renewable resources and projects from the field of life sciences regarding applied research focused on improving and prolonging human life. A large portion of our managed assets are also real estate projects and investments in agricultural land.

In seeking new projects, the fund gives preference to companies that bring more than simply financial gain to their surroundings.

Board of Directors

  • Libor Winkler

    Company Strategy Management
  • Jan Vyhnálek

    Asset Manager,
    Private Equity Projects
  • Lukáš Musil

    Asset Manager,
    Real Estate Projects

Our Team

  • Marek Capák

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Matěj Kumstýř

    Head of Analytics
  • Tomáš Zídek

    Project Manager 
  • Radek Toman

    Project Manager
  • Michal Votruba

    Project Manager, Life Science
  • Jean-Francois Laporte

    Project Manager,
    Real Estate
  • Petr Roupec

    Project Manager,
    Real Estate
  • Jakub Mikulášek

    Project Manager,
    Real Estate

Supervisory Board

  • Karel Janeček

  • Václav Dejčmar

  • Michal Šaňák

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