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The Foundation’s priority lies in the Childhood field is namely education and healthy bio-psycho-social development in children.

  1. Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends

    Období podpory

    The project focuses on the development of mental wellbeing in children of preschool and elementary school age. Evidence-based, evaluated teaching materials are used to train teachers, school psychologists and other experts who work with children. Individual program modules help children to develop social skills and coping strategies that are a proven way to improve their present and future mental wellbeing and also help to prevent risk behaviors and mental health problems.

  2. Youth Doing Sports Foundation

    Období podpory

    Our support of the “1P Movement – A part of the initiation of children’s interest in movement and sport” (“Pohyb 1P - součást iniciace zájmu dětí o pohyb a sport”) project originates from the many findings regarding obesity and physical inactivity that have a negative impact on the overall health conditions of the Czech population. These projects aim to identify the motor skills of pre-school children, with immediate evaluations provided to parents and kindergartens. Included in the project is an awareness program for parents, regarding the importance of sports and physical literacy that leads to a healthy, active lifestyle. The information also includes an offer of sports activities in their areas, as well as heath warnings (eyesight, tendencies toward obesity) and recommended nutritional solutions. 1P is executed in collaboration with students and employees at the University of West Bohemia and the Higher Professional School Pilsen. It has long-term support from both local and regional levels. Projects Kindergarden Olympics (Školkiáda), Motion Prerequisites 2P (Pohybové Předpoklady 2P) and Sport Festival (Festival Sportu) follow up with support of the NSM. 1P activities are also applicable within other regions of the Czech Republic.

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