We actively select and support non-profit organizations that do good work for an extensive period of time and need momentum for their further activities.

Helping involves mainly a social responsibility program – RSJ employees make a regular financial donation to several non-profit organizations of their choice. For each CZK 1 donated, RSJ gives another CZK 3.


    Employee-Supported Projects

  1. Nation to Children Foundation


    This Foundation is designed to help hospitalized patients at the Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and Motol University Hospital. Since its founding in 1990 as one of the first of its kind in the former Czechoslovakia, the Foundation has been working to improve the quality of medical care for young patients by purchasing medical equipment and drugs, as well as funding oncology research and improving the overall environment.

  2. Leontinka Foundation


    The Leontinka Foundation is committed to helping people with visual impairment, especially children and youth. Its main goal to facilitate their integration into society, education, social, sports and leisure activities. Financial and non-financial donations collected from individual donors, partners, sponsors or charity events are distributed through various projects designed to help specific institutions or individuals.

  3. Service Dog Training Center


    By training service dogs, this organization helps to integrate people with physical disabilities into society and community, and helps them to resume an active life, education or career path, while improving their self-care capacity, self-sufficiency, independence, self-confidence, sense of freedom and safety. This is part of a project dedicated to the special training of service dogs.

  4. Foundation for Children in Need


    From 1990 to 2015, this Fund found new families for 663 children who are ‘hard to place’ (i.e., physical disability, higher age, sibling group, Roma children, behavioral issues) and could not access state-provided foster care. In addition, based on requests from parents, 119 newborns were placed in foster care straight from the maternity ward via direct adoption, which saved them from institutional care. The Fund dealt with 53 930 cases of children in need; our five family refuges helped 2 232 children and their parents, as well as 37 adults from children’s homes and other institutions.

  5. Smiling Crocodile


    The non-profit organization Pink Crocodile believes that every child, regardless of their special needs, race, nationality, culture, social status or religion, has the right to proper medical care, education, social support, services and equipment necessary for their development. They have the right to be a lawful and equal member of society and live a happy life. The main goal of the organization is to find and support fields, centers and children with hearing or multiple disabilities who do not get sufficient care, rehabilitation, education, services or equipment that are vital for their development and integration into society and regular life.

  6. Non-governmental non-profit organizations

  7. Czech Center of the International PEN Club


    The Czech Center of the International PEN Club is part of the independent PEN world community with headquarters in London. The number of national centers is changing annually, now there are 145 in 104 countries around the world. They associate around twenty thousand creators - people who are figuratively reigning with a pen (PEN - Playwrights, Poets, Essayists, Novelists). The aim of their efforts is, in particular, according to the International Charter, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and the free life of man.

  8. Jessenius Dialogue – Resources for Oncology Patients


    The Oncology Information Center improves the quality of life of oncology patients, quality of oncology care, oncology education for nursing staff, as well as communication between patients and medical staff. Teaching patients to be actively involved in treatment, the Center provides easy access to information that can improve their treatment experience.

  9. Anti-corruption Foundation


    Corruption is a special kind of theft. Any public official who accepts a bribe is a thief who steals public funds, i.e., our taxes. A coward might quietly tolerate corruption by trying to remain ignorant. A brave person would stand up to corruption and risk their position. This foundation is dedicated to providing financial and moral support to whistleblowers who expose important cases of public corruption.

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