The Foundation’s priority lies in the Childhood field is namely education and healthy bio-psycho-social development in children.


    Education and motivation

  1. Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends


    The project focuses on the development of mental wellbeing in children of preschool and elementary school age. Evidence-based, evaluated teaching materials are used to train teachers, school psychologists and other experts who work with children. Individual program modules help children to develop social skills and coping strategies that are a proven way to improve their present and future mental wellbeing and also help to prevent risk behaviors and mental health problems.

  2. Non-governmental non-profit organizations

  3. Qiido NA MÍRU


    Qiido Foundation – Qiido’s partnership mentoring program for schools – Qiido Na míru – provides schools with a system and know-how for identification, teaching and development of intellectually gifted children. The project aims to build a comprehensive program with a complex and systematic approach to education, care and development of intellectually gifted children that would meet their specific educational needs. During the first year, support will be granted to Qiido’s 4 partner schools (in the Pilsen, Hradec Králové, Vysočina and Zlín Region) that, after a three-year period of intensive support, will be able to mentor other schools in the region.

  4. Mental health care


    Nevypusť duši – The goal of this project is to educate high-school teachers and students (ages 12+) about mental health and mental illness, destigmatize mental disorders, and raise awareness of the importance and methods of prevention, and the possibilities of seeking out professional help when dealing with mental issues. The project consists of workshops designed for a single class, conducted by 2 instructors over a 5-lesson period. In 2018/2019, there are 50 workshops planned, to be attended by approx. 1500 students.

  5. Other Projects

  6. Psychosocial education for children in elementary schools


    National Institute of Mental Health – The project aims to integrate quality psychosocial education into elementary schools that involves systematic care for personal and social development in children. The project should include teaching plans for psychosocial skills, mental disease prevention and mental hygiene in children and youth as part of elementary school curriculum.

  7. Development of mental health care in Czech children and youth


    Czech Psychiatric Society – The project centers on mental health care in children and youth, especially, making care more accessible and providing mental health training for professionals and the general public. Specific steps include: IACAPAP congress, lectures by international experts for the public, publication of educational materials, as well as consultancy services.


    Non-governmental non-profit organizations

  1. Mental Awareness Association


    Nevypusť duši – Duševní zdravověda – This organization sets out to raise awareness of mental health and mental illness, destigmatize mental issues and provide more information, especially to children and youth, in the field of mental health care.

  2. Foundation for Young Athletes


    This project is focused on assessing physical skills in pre-school children prior to their transition to elementary school. Organizers motivate children to pursue regular physical activities. Parents are given advice in how to identify and support talented children, including specific recommendations and guidance for their development.

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