Company Profile

RSJ Foundation supports organizations and projects in the Czech Republic in concord with RSJ group activities.

Since its launch in 2014, it actively and particularly seeks non-profit organizations that have proven records, but need additional momentum for their activities. The Foundation prefers projects with wider social impacts that build on active approaches to responsibility. RSJ Foundation contributes in the areas of education, science and research, arts and cultural development, healthy lifestyle and non-governmental non-profit organizations.

The Foundation’s priority is focused in the area of education, science and research. Among other projects in this field, the Foundation contributes to the increasing prestige of science through the Neuron Fund for Support of Science. RSJ Foundation also helps educational institutions and other organizations focused on mathematics, information and logic, following our long-term collaboration between RSJ and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University. However, we also strive to create a motivating background as early as the basic school level. We believe that talented and motivated students and pupils can only develop their skills in environments corresponding to their educational needs and current trends.

RSJ considers healthy lifestyles a necessary part of modern life. We are gradually creating a set of supplemental projects that address social problems such as improving eating habits and the physical skills of children and youth, as well as changing irresponsible approaches by consumers to food. 

The Foundation further contributes to the program of social responsibility of RSJ employees – who regularly donate their own funds to a number of non-profit organizations of their choice.

Board of Directors

  • Libor Winkler

  • Michal Šaňák

  • Bronislav Kandrík

  • Martin Ducháček

  • Anton Tyutin

Our Team

  • Lenka Eckertová

    Foundation Director
  • Kateřina Králová

    Foundation Project Manager
  • Petra Krystiánová

    Head of RSJ Group Communications
  • Lucie Nováková

    Manager of RSJ Group Employee Social Responsibility Development

Supervisory Board

  • Karel Janeček

  • Václav Dejčmar

  • Petr Altman

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